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Oct. 8th, 2016

WC - OT3 smiles



Dear LJ,

This comm contains many years' worth of recs. Please do not purge it!

Jan. 20th, 2011

Frannie admin



For simplicity's sake and given the low level of traffic on this comm, we've decided to merge ds_recfinders and ds_ficfinders. Accordingly, ds_recfinders is now closed for business. Please direct all queries for recs (as well as specific stories) to ds_ficfinders.

Thank you for your awesome reccing over the years. If you're not already following ds_ficfinders, please consider joining that comm so you can continue to help people out in their time of need. :-)

Jan. 16th, 2011

Due South


Hung up

I already posted this on ds_finders no luck so i thought i'd try my luck here because its driving me nuts.

I'm looking for a fic in where I've not much detail i'm afraid. It has either RayK or Fraser found in a warehouse strung from the roof naked and i think cut up.

Sorry i've not more detail i do know that it is a Fraser/RayK story. hope that you can help

Jan. 10th, 2011


F/K/V that starts out as F/V, and RayV/Angie stories

Hello, and Happy New Year to everyone! (I know - it's a little late :-) ) I have two requests:

1.  I'd like to read F/K/V that starts out as F/V.

Most of the F/K/V I've found in the past starts as established F/K to follow what many have accepted as canon. That is - Fraser and RayK get together in Canada post "COTW," while RayV and Stella get together and move to Florida. But in these F/K/V stories, RayV's relationship with Stella ends, often badly, and he finds comfort and love from Fraser (who, in these stories, sometimes realizes that he's loved/been attracted to RayV for a long time and never really stopped loving/wanting him) and RayK (who is often self confident and isn't jealous of RayV very much at all.)   

I've really enjoyed these stories, especially since they helped me get over my dislike of RayK . But now, I'd like something a little different. Are there any stories in which Fraser and RayV are an established couple, or a new couple after they reunite in "COTW" and admit that they love each as more than friends, but then decide to have RayK join them because Fraser loves him, too? I can see RayV being reluctant to share Fraser with RayK at first, but I think he'd warm up to the idea, and maybe even suggest it, to make Benny happy.

I've already found "Christmas in the Fraser-Kowalski-Vecchio Household" by ria_oaks and "All We Gotta Do is Be Brave and Be Kind" by spuffyduds in the DSSS archive, and loved both. Both start out as F/V and will probably eventually be F/V/K. I'd like to find more stories like them. Of course - happy endings are a must. :-D

2.)  There seems to be quite a bit of RayK/Stella, but what about RayV/Angie? Any stories about when they first met and were dating, or when they were first married, or why they divorced? Or any stories in which they interact years after their divorce? 

Thank you kindly in advance. 

Jan. 9th, 2011




This is kind of a bizarre one, but... can any of you think of any dS stories in which one of the characters has a cat as a pet? Maybe even one in which Dief is a part-wildcat instead of a part-wolf? (I... have no idea how this would work, but it seems like it would be a recipe for hilarity!) Any characters, pairings, ratings. :)

I realize dogs show up more than cats in film and TV because they're easier to train, but I would love dS stories featuring kittehs. >_>

Jan. 4th, 2011


Happy? Super happy and fluffy?

So, it's been an incredibly trying month capped off today by finding out that I accidentally missed a couple of days of work, and so I'm hoping that somebody can give me some recs of happy shiny lovely stories to maybe make today not totally suck.

I usually prefer F/K, and I'd really like some established relationship fics if possible. But I'll also take any pairing (Ray V or K or V/K!) or gen if it'll cheer me up. I've been looking through the tags on here, but I'm hoping there might be some things not mentioned before.

I'll take classics, too. I don't even mind if I've read 'em. I just need something.

Thanks :))))
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Dec. 29th, 2010



Looking for gay!Armando and/or cruisingforguys!RayK

 Hi there!

How's that for an awkwardly phrased subject line? Here's a more detailed explanation of the two kinds of stories I'm looking for:

1. Stories in which RayV learns that part of his Vegas undercover job involves sleeping with guys (because Armando does). Either stories that take place entirely during his time in Vegas, or post-Vegas stories in which he gets together with either Fraser or RayK, in which there's some backstory with the time in Vegas having played a role in his discovering or coming to terms with his attraction to men.

2. Stories in which RayK eventually ends up with either Fraser or RayV, but which involve him picking up guys for sex before they get together. I was just rereading Speranza's "Scrabble," and I had forgotten that there's a scene early on in which Ray hooks up with a guy in the park; I'm looking for stories which have a similar element to them: Ray is gay/bi/queer but fairly closeted because of his job, so he avoids romantic entanglements with men, except for casual hook-ups. (Actually, now that I think about it, I'm interested in any RayK/OMC that you think of, even if it doesn't fit this particular formula.)

For both requests, any slash combination of the main characters is fine: F/K, F/V, K/V or F/K/V.

Thank you kindly!
[ds] kowalski


Eldritch Horrors

So, I was discussing a dS/Lovecraft crossover bunny earlier, and it set me hankering for horror and darkfic recs. I found this 2007 request, but was wondering if anyone had any updates to it?

Gen or any pairing — show me the creepy and the horrific! (Has anyone written a Lovecraftian dS story?)

Thanking you kindly in advance!

Dec. 27th, 2010


A couple of requests

Hi there...

I have a couple of requests:

Are there any crossovers with NCIS?  RayK/Fraser preferred.

  I read one where Fraser calls RayK "darling" and I liked it, but are there any more where either RayK or Fraser has a pet name for the other?

Thanks so much!!

Dec. 24th, 2010

h-cat, hidden-longings



 I was just wondering if anybody knew of any fics where RayK and Fraser cuddle a lot.

Dec. 19th, 2010

my actual photo


(no subject)

Reading Tres Mechante' werewolf and looking glass stories has made me wonder if there are any stories in which characters wrestle to see who gets to top.  Any pairings are welcome.

Dec. 20th, 2010

bunni: plotbunniofdoom


(no subject)

I don't know why, but I really would like to read a RayK/Fraser where RayK really cries about something.

He could be comforted by Fraser or not, he could be crying about their relationship (or lack of it) or not - I don't mind. Just a Fraser/RayK where Ray cries.

Dec. 11th, 2010

beacon hills


Funny ones!

HI :D I hoping for some laugh-til-you're-stupid totally ridiculous fic - not like crackfic, exactly, but just really humorous stuff.. any pairings at all, or gen... just the ones that make you giggle. Preferably shorter ones 4-5000 words max, that kind of thing. Immaturity/toilet humour/dick jokes a plus, sadly. <3<3
h-cat, hidden-longings



 I'm really in the mood for rot your teeth sweetness and I was wondering if ya'll would be willing to share with me your personal recs where there's no big angst or drama.  Lots of sweet/hot loving would be a plus.  I prefer Fraser/RayK but if ya'll know a really great Fraser/RayV or Fraser/RayK/RayV I'd love to take a look at it.
Thank you kindly

Dec. 7th, 2010

Due South Dief


It's Party Time!

 Hello all! 

So, I happen to be getting ready for a CPD holiday/retirement party tonight. In the process, it occurred to me that until this year, I had no idea that the CPD actually did things like this. Then it occurred to me that this would make the perfect premise for some sort of fic. So, does anyone know of any fics, F/K preferably, in which there is a CPD party (or even a Policeman's ball?) and Fraser and Ray K get together? Help is much appreciated. 

Muchas gracias! 

Dec. 6th, 2010

Due South


Looking for stories

i've read some stories in where Victoria gets what is coming to her but i'd love more. I love the pairing to be Fraser/Kowalski but i'd love Ray V as a friend to them or just there to help or something but not involved romantically with either.

I'd also love to read stories in where again Fraser and Ray K are a couple and are friends with Stella and Ray i'd love funny ones and holiday ones seeing as we are coming up to Christmas.

Hope you can help xx

Dec. 1st, 2010



Seeking F/K/V

After years of reading F/K almost exclusively, I seem to have burnt out on it.  Thus I'm seeking other pairings, especially:


I've checked the tags and picked up some stories there, but many of them are for specific genres of stories and/or haven't had a request for a fic in a long time (F/K/V, I'm looking at you).   Personally, all I care about is that the story is complete, without non-con, and with a happy ending, but longer stories do make my day.  Single file sources greatly preferred.


Nov. 24th, 2010


(no subject)

Okay, so I've just come across this community and opened a Livejournal account just to ask the following
There's a RayK/Fraser fic.  They're not a couple at the beginning Ray K has gone north after losing a leg.  Fraser gets posted there later, not knowing Ray is there.  That's all I really remember, except at one point a bear trap gets Ray's prosthetic leg and Fraser freaks, not knowing it's not knowing about the prostheses.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for creating such a fan-freakin-tastic community!

Nov. 23rd, 2010



Seeking crossovers with Murdoch Mysteries

I just saw the last episode of S2 of Murdoch Mysteries, featuring Mountie Jasper Linney who bears a very strong resemblance to Fraser - not just in looks, but in manner, and let's not forget the daddy issues! Any crossovers out there? (I checked the big list o' crossovers and came up blank.)

(PS if you've never seen this Canadian series, think of it as due South crossed with Sherlock Holmes. And you can play spot-the-C6D actor, too.)

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